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VRation: A word we made up. What it means: If you're hosting a gathering of people in a beautiful place, we can build a high-quality, low-cost 3D interactive replica of your event.

In an age where there are so many amazing events to experience that exist for only a weekend and then are torn down, VRation is the museum that lets the entire world visit.



VRation can be deployed on desktops, mobile devices, game consoles, and VR headsets such as Oculus.

These are download links for the very first VRation world: Coachella 2014. Click on the ? buttons to see the instructional videos for each version.


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For Fans: Please use the form or FB/Twitter links below to send over any comments, compliments, complaints, senseless hatred and/or unconditional love, bugs you encounter or new features you'd like to see in the future.

For Promoters: VRation is currently planning our schedule for 2015 and are eager to hear from any promoters who want to see what we can do for them. We assure you you'll be surprised just how much easier we can make your life. Use the form below and you'll be contacted within one day.

For Sponsors or other inquiries: If you represent a company sponsoring an event and wish to find out more about how VRation can help leverage your involvement and get you more exposure to fans while still looking really cool because you're actually giving people something they'll totally love, you should use the form below.

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